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Road to the Winter Championships - 2 Weeks to Go 03 Apr
So this week has been a little quieter compared to last week. I’ve mainly been focused on the 2 S’s - submission and suppleness - in Wests training at home.

On Thursday I hired out Alyesfords’ dressage arena to go and do some test riding. It’s a lovely arena and it set up with a sound system which really helps to develop some sort of atmosphere. I did find however that hearing music does make me rush my warmup so that’s something I do need to work on before the Championships! Emilie met us there to give me a lesson and it was a jam packed 40 mins of thinking for me. We started just working on my seat and keeping my hands really soft and forwards, those of you that follow my Instagram would have seen my ‘cowgirl’ riding. It’s a really great exercise for finding your inside seat bone and teaching your whole body to guide the horse and not be dependent on the inside rein.

Test riding wise we really worked on where I was looking. Emilie compared it to an actress on the stage, they don’t look down at the floor or read their scripts, they perform and as a rider the arena is our stage to perform to the audience. No one has ever said it like that to me before and its really stuck.  I have to admit that at the time looking so far ahead did feel strange but looking back at the video it’s made a huge difference to the flow and the overall picture.

Then it was just a few tweaks to the test like making sure I prepare my transitions early enough so I don’t end up disturbing the flow and thinking about how much I ask for in the medium/extended trots. They’re such a highlight I find myself riding for a 10 every time but sometimes this means I can put her off balance of a step, so I’ve got to hold back a little bit and ride a little bit safer and not risk dropping marks for being greedy! I’ll see if I can put these into practice at our competition on the 12th.  

Next week is looking a bit busier; I’ve got a session with Jane, two sessions with my PT Tiff and a very exciting opportunity next weekend!

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